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About Gamcare

Founded in the 1997, GamCare has been at the forefront in the prevention and treatment of Problem Gambling (ludomania/gambling addiction) through the provision of information, support and counselling.

It operates the National Gambling Helpline, creates awareness about responsible gambling and encourages an approach that is effective to gambling responsibly within the industry. Best UK Live Casinos is also committed to responsible gambling and that is why we offer you as much information we can for this kind of organisations (Gamcare, Gamble Aware etc).

Also all the casinos we are listing on our site are recommending begambleware and Gamcare as first point of contact for any gambling related issues. bet365 casino like some other online casinos has a dedictaed page about responsible gambling.

The services offered by GamCare to problem gamblers include;

  1. Working with Problem Gamblers

GamCare currently operates the toll-free National Gambling Helpline and its online equivalent NetLine. It also offers a face to face counselling which is free for anybody who is experiencing challenges through their gambling or through a family member’s gambling.

HelpLine and NetLine Services

If you are experiencing problems with your gambling, GamCare is the place to call first. For seven days a week specialist support is always at the other end of the line. The GamCare helpline is fully staffed with advisers who are highly trained and skilled.

GamCare has deployed the latest technology in the services it offers, the advisers can now take chat through a very secure feature and through the telephone, all very confidential from 8am daily to midnight, all days of the week.

Counselling Services

Face to face counselling has been made possible to meet sustained support which is needed by clients and the family members who need assistance. In regard to the development of best practice and service design which is innovative, the GamCare programme of treatment for problem gambling is top-notch.

Through the network of partners, efficient and high quality service is offered by their counselling team that is spread all over Great Britain.

  • Working with the Gambling Industry

In order to reinforce player protection and social responsibility, GamCare sees to the provision of training and the necessary materials needed to achieve this.

The remote and non-remote/land based stand a chance of being awarded with a certification from GamCare on event of successful implementation of the player protection policy and the practice.

The Interaction Training programme recently developed by GamCare has given professionals in customer service the ability to detect problem gambling behaviour and provide the necessary advice to gambling managers who are responsible so that they can initiate an interaction with the players which will see a positive outcome achieved.

To publicise the GamCare website and the helpline number, all gaming machines countrywide have GameCare posters and stickers.

  • Education and Prevention

In order to create awareness and educate the public on the risks of gambling, GamCare continually endeavours to implement new strategies. Young people experiencing gambling problems are offered direct support via youth websites and community youth education Projects.

Youth Website

In 2012, GameCare launched the BigDeal website ( in an effort to provide support and advice to young people about the risks involved in gambling. The site is purposely for young people from ages 12-18.

This site is a resource necessary in helping them make right decisions and to find out more about gambling.

Community Youth Education Pilot Project

GamCare has collaborated with ARA (Addiction Recovery Agency) to provide community education which was the first of its kind in Bristol.

The target areas are colleges and schools in the area. The project aims to provide awareness in gambling, information, advice and treatment through its workshops.

You can reach GamCare via their helpline – (0808 8020 133) or through NetLine which is its internet equivalent. This is possible for all days of the week starting at 8am up to midnight.