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GambleAware’s main aim is the promotion of responsible gambling. They actively engage in the provision of information that enables gamblers to make informed decisions. If you really want to know responsible gambling, to recognize and understand problem gambling, to get help and support or generally want to know more about gambling, BeGambleAware is the best place to go and it is recommended by Best UK Live Casinos.

All online casinos that we are listing on our site like bet365 casino, William Hill casino etc are all commited to responsible gambling and are recommending to contact BeamglingAware if you are facing any problems.

RGT (Responsibility Gambling Trust) is the body responsible for the administration and funding of GambleAware. This is an independent national charity body which funds the education, research and treatment activities in the gambling industry.

These funds are raised from the gambling industry in a system that is donation based. Among all other charities in the UK that are committed to eliminating harm related to gambling, RGT is leads them all. This is due to the fact that it has and continues to effectively sensitize the public about the dangers of excessive gambling.

The donations received from philanthropists in the gambling industry have gone a long way in funding the research in commissions, education and the treatment services in the industry. A minimum of £5 million is raised annually in the gambling industry by the RGT through a donation based system. These are the funds that are used in strategies deployed in tackling of gambling related harm including education, research and the treatment services. The RGSB (Responsible Gambling Strategy Board) is the body that provides advice on the national strategy used in guiding the priorities in funding. The Gambling Commission endorses all this.

RGT collaborates with the Gambling commission and the RGSB in the development of its commissioning plans. The arrangements made by the three parties are dependent on transparency, openness and partnership. Additionally, these arrangements are backed up by an assurance and governance framework to ensure that results are delivered.

In the development of commissioning plans by RGT, a number of ways are used to generate the needed trust and credibility in such a body, they include:

  • Appointing of trustees that are fully independent.
  • Invitation of the government, Gambling Commission and RGSB to observe committee and board meetings.
  • It publishes the details on how distribution of funds will be done each year.
  • Ensures research is commissioned by a fully independent research committee. The research committee is chosen after making consultations with the RGSB.
  • Collaborates with RGSB to seek advice from experts externally.

Objectives of the Responsibility Gambling Trust

  • Provision of commissioned, effective and value for the money services ranging from the prevention of gambling related harm to treatment. All this is achieved by an approach centred on working in partnerships and through proper evaluation that is equal to the grant therein.
  • Organize an annual fundraising that brings together all the organisations that derive their income from commercial gambling in the Great Britain. Funds are raised using a system that is donation based and the contributions made are usually a percentage of the organisations’ profits i.e. 0.1% of the GGP (Gross Gambling Profit). The amount raised goes into funding research and harm prevention/treatment services.
  • Rendering a commissioned research programme that is independent and which focuses on gambling behaviour and the effectiveness of the strategies deployed in the treatment of the gambling behaviour and harm reduction.